Alex Reid - crossdresser?

Showbiz types and those who can’t go a day without having their noses buried in some sort of gossip rag or other will be so used to hearing all kinds of outlandish rumours about their ‘favourite’ celebrities that just about nothing can shock them. However this latest one about a man with a reputation to maintain really takes some beating.

If you believe The Sun, Jordan’s current chap Alex Reid is a cross dresser who likes to call himself Roxanne when he’s got the frilly stuff on. Yes, that’s cage fighter Alex Reid, the one who can pound the plop out of just about anyone he fancies if they say as much as 'hello' to him in a funny way. So let’s make it clear that it was The Sun who made this allegation, right? THE SUN. Good.

The rumour goes that he has confessed to Jordan that he has been wearing women’s clothes since he was 16 years old, and that she has accepted his little quirk, even buying him a pair of high heels.

‘She was quite shocked when Alex told her,’ said a friend to THE SUN. ‘But she is totally OK with it.’

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