Alex Haines (Winehouse's lover) : sacked for smoking crack

So Alex Haines's 15 minutes of fame lasted approximately, 3 minutes and a couple of national headlines.

A while back we reported Amy had taken management aide, Alex as her new lover, and even flirted with the idea of ditching The Incarcerated and setting up permanent shop with her new toy.

But Alex has allegedly just been caught on camera smoking crack, and, after admitting that yes it was him, and that yes it was crack and not something much healthier and a bit less illegal, he strode out into the execution ground and gallantly faced the firing squad.

Alex Haines was initially hired to keep Amy on the path of righteousness and potentially even recording some music. But hiring someone based on the fact that they wear sensible spectacles and don't seem like 'the type' to smoke crack was a huge oversight by industry bosses, who failed to read the glint in Haines's eye at interview when he promised not to let Amy do drugs....because he'd be quaffing them all.

Anyway, the locks have been changed at Amy's flat, he's out on his ear - end of him. Back to obscurity Alex Haines

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