Alesha’s in her prime time

The other Mis-Teeq ladies must be green with envy as the TV offers for Alesha Dixon roll in, after she won Strictly Come Dancing. She’s reportedly been offered West End roles, a new record deal and her own perfume.

Now BBC bosses want to give her a Saturday night show. A source reports: "Alesha has the potential to prove a real Saturday night ratings queen – she just needs the right show. There's no rush, she's got her hands full for the next few months and we need to get the right format.”

However, the show may have to wait a while because of all the other offers. It’s not that long ago that Alesha released solo material which had limited chart success, but with Strictly thrusting her once again into the spotlight, another foray into the charts would, we suspect, fare very well. So expect a new album from Alesha soon. 

And you know, with all these multi-“talented” stars about, expect the perfume along with reality TV show, fashion range, fitness DVD, energy drink, mobile phone, Alesha bone china tea set, saucepan range and toy dolls. Rake it in while you can we say!

(Image: from YouTube)

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