Alec Baldwin apologises for 'homophobic' rant

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Alec Baldwin apologized on Friday to a New York City-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights group after he went sailing off the reservation in a series of vituperative tweets that many interpreted as homophobic.

Baldwin began foaming at the virtual mouth after that paragon of gay rights, the Daily Mail accused his wife of tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini. Reporter George Stark’s assertion was proved to be manifestly false as it emerged that he didn’t factor in the US’s varying time zones, but Baldwin’s rant ensured that public ire was directed at him rather than the journalist.

Check these measured, understated tweets out

Someone wrote that my wife was tweeting at a funeral. Hey. That's not true. But I'm gonna tweet at your funeral.

George Stark, you lying little bitch. I am gonna f%#@ you up.

I want all of my followers and beyond to straighten out this f***ing little bitch, George Stark.

My wife and I attend a funeral to pay our respects to an old friend, and some toxic Brit writes this f***ing trash

If put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much

I'm gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I'm gonna fu**...you...up.

My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, at our friends funeral. Now, f*** this twitter + good luck to all of you who know the truth

He then proceeded to shut down his Twitter account entirely. As a public storm developed over his comments, Baldwin sent a letter to the organisation Glaad

“My ill-advised attack on George Stark of the Daily Mail had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone's sexual orientation. My anger was directed at Mr. Stark for blatantly lying and disseminating libelous information about my wife and her conduct at our friend's funeral service. As someone who fights against homophobia, I apologize.

I have worked, periodically, with numerous marriage equality organizations, especially over the past couple of years, to achieve the very rights that gay couples are earning by recent court decisions. I would not advocate violence against someone for being gay and I hope that my friends at GLAAD and the gay community understand that my attack on Mr. Stark in no way was the result of homophobia.”

While some of the damage may have been mitigated, TMZ called it a "get-out-of-homophobia-jail-free" card

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