Alaskan reality, please no

Sarah Palin is running for President in 2012 but that hasn't stopped her signing up for a reality show about her life in Alaska - you know, that wilderness somewhere near Russia which is real cold and full of horny beasts. If the likes of Kerry Katona and the Kardashians can do it then there's no need to stop a possible future President selling every inch of her life to goggle boxes is there? America has already had a terminator, a reality star is the next logical step...

Unfortunately, the premise of the show doesn't revolve around Sarah and her family. (Shame, we wanted to see Bristol changing dirty nappies while chirruping onto about being a virgin.) The show is being pitched as a 'travelogue' based on Alaska, with the chirpy hockey mum as a guide.

Before you let out a resounding 'ugggh', Mrs P is allegedly asking $1 million an episode and no US networks have so far taken her up on her generous offer. Counting her mooses before they'd hatched. Or something.

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