Alanis Morissette : sheds light on My Humps cover

It must be a nightmare being an artist with as much integrity and furious angst as Alanis Morissette when all you really want to do is sing something nice and simple like 'My junk my junk, my junk inside my trunk'.

Which is exactly what Alanis Morissette did when she randomly covered Black Eye Peas classic, 'My Humps' last year. Alanis recorded a souped down version of the song in keeping with her usual tortured, melancholic sound, and released a hilarious video to go with it, which became an instant YouTube hit.

Until now Alanis has never spoken about what possessed her to cover the song while dressed up like a hip hop ho - but she's finally shed some light on the matter. Seems she just loved the My Humps lyrics. Simple, blinging, brash, happy - everything Alanis had always wanted to be when she was too busy being miserable.

"I was in the studio with Guy Sigsworth and he would say, “What horse from the apocalypse are you bringing in today, Alanis?” Because every song was this tsunami of emotions. So I said, “I wish I could just write a really simple song—a song like ‘My Humps.’ ” Then we had a pregnant pause, looked at each other, and said, “All right, let’s do it!” Within moments we were recording the piano version of it, and within a week we were shooting the video in my garage here at my house. However it’s been interpreted has been entertaining for me to watch." Good on Alanis for not being afraid to make a turkey of herself.

Revisit the video - still funny. My Humps - Alanis Morissette

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