Alan Hansen’s gassy request

Football pundit Alan Hansen won’t be going bankrupt any time soon, if we go by his recent ‘economical’ behaviour. At a TV interview in his posh home, Mr Hansen was filmed in front of the crackling fire, to give the scene a homely look. We can just imagine it. Flying the flag for frugal Scotland, Alan, who can’t be short of a bob or two, asked to be reimbursed for the gas costs. Hoots, man – you’ve a nerve, young Alan!

Not only did he request money for the gas, but apparently the Lord of the Manor in front of the hearth idea was his! So, he offers to put the fire on then asks the TV company to pay for it. Let’s hope no one went to the loo. There’ll be a bill for a few sheets of bog roll, two squirts of soap and a couple of gallons of water.

Hansen’s spokesman refused to comment. Saving on the phone bill?

(Image: from Robbie1’s flickr stream)

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