Alan Davies’ Twitter Attack

As far as the telly went over the Easter weekend it’s fair to say it wasn’t half bad. With the new tax year starting at the beginning of April it meant TV channels had a new budget to play with so there was plenty of stuff to watch on the old box. Highlights included Dr Who with Matt Smith as the new Timelord, the Quattro who was fired up for the final series of Ashes To Ashes, and David Jason who said a fond farewell to Denton detective Inspector Jack Frost.

Another big show that made a comeback over the long weekend was super sleuth Jonathan Creek. As wonderfully puzzling as the one-off special was, its main star Alan Davies was the one left truly baffled when it came to the scheduling of the episode ‘The Judas Tree’.

Talking about a schedule clash on Twitter he said; ‘Apologies to fans of both Frost and Creek for the arse-numbingly moronic scheduling fiasco about to unfold. Creek is on BBCHD at 10 by the way’. He then followed up with: ‘But then Oliver! is on Fiver so that craps on all of it.’

Don't fret Alan, Jonathan Creek will be available on the iPlayer until the end of the week.

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