Akon goes country

Rapper and r'n'b star Akon is on course for a new avenue of musical domination. The 35 year old gang-sta crooner has decided he wants to start making Country and Western. And according to the music jungle vine, Akon has already recorded some material for his side project.

Being a very wiley ol G - Akon's refusing to reveal anything else about his hill billy high jinks - apart from, he's going in under an alias, and has already cut his first hit record. So much for quiet confidence!

The lap dance lover's foray into milder music parts could prove to be a shrewd financial move if you ask us...genre hopping is a 'must do' for any artist who wants to languish at the top of the charts these days. Just look at MiMi's relaunch as an Rnb star, or Madonna's recent collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Don't shift with the times and you'll be eaten by hungry dingoes!

So if you've ever thought modern Country and Western could do with an injection of fresh beats and flavours, Akon might just be the man to deliver. Here's hoping he'll sample some old Dolly Parton lyrics over a heavy westcoast DRE joint. Suggestion title 'I'm comin straight out of Odessa.....'

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