Ah'll knock yez oot, y'knaa

Pop has-been and sometime actor in bland ITV dramas Robson Green has threatened to give notorious TV hard case Louis Walsh a smack in the face because he keeps making snide remarks about his short-lived pop career with his Soldier Soldier co-star Jerome Flynn. Why on earth he’s so bothered by what Walsh thinks about anything is unclear.

Walsh constantly gives Simon Cowell grief and Robson and Jerome, whose hits included a series of seriously pants covers of soul standards like ‘Up On The Roof’. If you haven’t heard them, don’t bother seeking them out.

‘I would have no qualms about punching Louis's lights out,’ said the prissy drama queen. ‘He wouldn't see it coming with all the surgery he's had. In fact Louis had better get himself a decent cosmetic surgeon because at the moment, Louis, you look like you've been shot.

‘He needs to shut up. He's always slagging us off. I know it's part of the show, the act, but he's been doing it loads of times now.’

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