'Ah me old china' says Lady Gaga

When celebs do really strange things but then try to blame it on being an environmental crusader, it's always groanworthy. Lady Gaga has done just that by calling The Sun showbiz desk to tell them exactly what's going on between her and a certain china tea cup.

Gaga has been papped more than once sipping from her special pink teacup and matching saucer. (Imagine the type of set Granny used back in the war.) In fact Gaga is so fond of her dainty set that when she thought she'd lost it recently (she forgot it after a photoshoot) she sent a minion to fetch it then got on to the tabloids to have a good moan.

As with most cutesy inanimate objects worth their salt, the china cup is female and equipped with pollution busting qualities. Gaga said of her cup: “She hasn’t got a name but she’s quite famous now, so I made her stay in today. I take her everywhere because she makes me feel at home. I used to have tea at home with my mother every day, you see.”

There's more: “I’ve made a habit of drinking out of china because it makes me feel grounded. I don’t think it’s a good lifestyle to always be eating and drinking out of paper. It’s very wasteful.”

Yes it is. But what about flying round the world in private jets making pop music while everyone else is on the dole?

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