Adrian Chiles replacements announced

From relative obscurity to be the most watched face on British telly, Adrian Chile’s rise to prominence has been a rapid one. Yes, it may have been bubbling away with BBC2 Working Lunch for near decades but it wasn’t until some upstairs executive pushed for him to host every known show on our goggle boxes that he became a house hold name.

Well, last week it all ended in tears when the charming ogre announced that he is defecting to ITV (something do with Chris Evans wanting to work Fridays, ironically) where he’ll be awkwardly perched on the GMTV sofa five days a week as well as being their lead anchor for the Summer’s World Cup and next season’s Champions League football matches. In his wake he leaves vacancies as Christine Bleakley’s co-host on The One Show as well as Match Of The Day 2 and Apprentice side-show You’re Fired! Now the Beeb have confirmed who he'll be replacing.

From this Monday The One Show will be presenter by Watchdog anchor Matt Allwright, with Paul Merton stepping in on Thursdays. Match Of The Day 2 will be hosted by the BBC's new golden boy Colin Murray. No word on who will front You’re Fired! but the with the General Election around the corner and Sir Alan Sugar’s fingers in the politics pie, not to mention the World Cup, it looks likely that The Apprentice won’t be back on our goggle boxes until 2011 – two years after it was filmed.

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