Adele's close shave with P Diddy

New hot shot international pop star Adele appears to have something of a gob on her, and this is handy for the likes of us, as it means we get to publish the oodles of quotable material that comes spilling from her mouth.

Take her interview with The Sun, for instance, in which Gordon Smart gushes over the red-headed songstress to an embarrassing degree, for example: not only does she talk about being a humble girl from Tottenham who won’t change with her success, guv, but she also tals about nearly running P Diddy over in a golf buggy, which is a story we can get a kick out of.

‘I was shooting a video on one of the big American plots, six hours I was there and I wasn't doing anything,’ she said, while Smart dribbled into his notepad. ‘So I convinced someone to let me drive a golf buggy. I ran the battery out by the end of the day.

‘P Diddy must have been doing a fragrance advert or something. I was in the buggy with a mate and I saw him. I meant to put the brake on and go, ‘Oh, you're P Diddy!’ But I hit the accelerator.

‘He had to dive out the way. As we went past I was like, ‘You're P Diddy’. He just said, 'Yeah, I know'. I almost, almost killed him.’

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