Adele: The Voice?

New talent show The Voice has been touted as the 'real' X Factor, the search for a star that's about auditionee's voices (duh, hence the title), and not their nice legs or cheesy grin. The show was a huge hit in the US, and the BBC are keen to make it a whopping success over here, with Cheryl and Cee Lo Green rumoured to be taking part. But the news swirling yesterday was that everyone's favourite break-up balladeer, Adele, might also be persuaded to join in.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Adele's success is all down to her incredible voice and, int his way, embodies all that The Voice represents. She's honest, funny and loved my millions of people of all ages. She really has 'The Voice' that can sell albums around the world so she know what to look for.'

Adele gave a couple of clues in an interview yesterday with Chris Moyles, saying, 'There's a possibility that I'm doing something quite big next year - I've got a meeting about it on Friday.' Oooh, the anticipation...

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