Adele's baby due September

Adele's baby is due September of this year is which just two months after the British pop sensation dropped her baby bombshell when she announced she was pregnant via her website.

A source reported that “Adele has barely left the house in recent months so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible.”

The source went on to say that “She stopped exercising a few months ago and since then it’s been all about the baby.”

According to the 24-year old singer, she and boyfriend Simon, 36, are “over the moon” to be expecting their first child in September. The couple has been dating since last year.

Another source close to the couple reported that the "Family is very important to them and they've been talking about kids and getting married since they met last September.”

“I think Adele's still quite surprised at how quickly it happened, though. She's clearly got the usual nerves of an expectant mum, but Simon's been amazingly reassuring; they're both so happy," the source said.

It is rumoured that the two could have married in secret after Simon was seen together with Adele wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring at the Ivor Novello awards held earlier this year.

Announcing the news of her pregnancy on her website, Adele said: “I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited, but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx.”

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