Abbey goes national

It's been a while since we've heard from Abbey Clancy, who has understandably kept a low profile since her fiancee was caught love ratting on a stag do. Abbey decided to talk to Glamour magazine to mark her return to the splotlight, mainly for their Paxman-esque forensic examination of celebrities, we're sure.

The telly presenter told Glamour magazine, 'I worried about stress affecting the baby. I'm a hypochondriac anyway.'I don't like feeling vulnerable. I think my mum and dad's divorce affected me more than I let on. I don't like being weak in front of my mum or anyone for that matter. I don't like crying.

Abbey also spilled the beans on the first moments of lust between her and Crouch, 'I fancied him from afar. I worked in The Living Room in Liverpool. Peter had scored that day and I just went over and said, 'I knew you'd score'. Obviously after that he begged me for my number! That was it.' We might steal that chat-up line - though sadly only to be used with footballers, croquet players and boules fanatics.

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