Abbey and Peter to wed

Who would've thought, that a mere few weeks after Crouch was placed firmly in the dog-house after cavorting with vice girls, that he'd become a dad, and finally marry his loyal girlfriend Abbey Clancy? Not us, that's for damn sure. The lanky footballer has made an honest woman of Abbey, after making the long journey down to bended knee.

A friend of Clancy told The Mirror, 'Abbey and Peter had a rough few weeks after news of his infidelity, but they've ridden that out and have changed for the better as a couple. Peter proposed again; Abbey agreed immediately. They're serious this time and have found a church down south and booked a date. Abbey didn't want to be a pregnant bride waddling down the aisle, so she suggested the summer, eight weeks after Bubba Crouch is born.'

The chatty gal continued, 'It's perfect, as it's the end of the football season, so Peter will have no distractions. Abbey's already booked a long weekend at a spa for her hen do. There will be no drinking or L-plates hanging off her bathing robes. She says it will be facials, manicures and detoxifying body wraps.'

Sounds dull in the extreme...

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