A WAG's fate...

Coleen Rooney has made her errant husband live in fear and terror for all of ooh, ten minutes, before deciding - as all good WAGS must - that her place is by her footballer's side, regardless of how many extra-curricular ladies he attends to. Coleen has given Wayne 'an ultimatum', which like many philandering spouses before him, confines him to playing his Playstation in the basement for the forseeable future.

A source told The Mirror, 'Coleen wants to give it another chance, if only on a trial basis. But Wayne has agreed to a variety of different rules. Coleen has told him if it ever happens again that will be it. The end of the marriage. It will mean an end to his nights out with the lads for a long time to come and is a chance to rebuild the trust they once had. He has told her it was all a terrible mistake and he has learned his lesson.'

Hmm, now where have we heard that before? Oh yes! From Messrs Crouch, Terry, Cole (insert names of cheating footballers ad infinitum.)

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