A Wagnerian tragedy

Last night's XFactor reults show was a hive of drama and thwarted ambitions after not one act, but two (yes TWO) were voted off the show. Having built up a resilient fanbase, Wagner finally got his marching orders, along with Katie Waissel, aka 'the one everyone loved to hate'. We won't mention the vice-girl gran...

Cowell expressed his pleasure at Wagner's departure, saying, 'Why I am happy with the decision is because there were people out there trying to derail this show for different reasons and what has happened tonight is that we have put this show back in the hands of the public.'

Louis had the difficult decision of voting one of his acts off the show, but rather than abstaining (i.e. 'doing a Chezza'), Walsh picked Mary, saying, 'Mary this is your life, so the act I am choosing to send home tonight is Wagner.' While Cheryl, voting off the Brazilian hunk said, 'Wagner I know me and you haven't always seen eye to eye. 'But you have been a gracious man and apologised to me and I accept that.'

With no 'controversial' figures left in the show, XFactor will be a slightly duller (but more tuneful) prospect without Katie and Wagner...

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