A very big house in the country

Lily Allen has been banging on about her desire to flee the oh-so grim and depressing world of cocktails and canapes in London for a long, long time - and finally she's made good on her promise, buying a £3 million country pile in the Cotswolds. She won't be too far from fellow slebs though, as Liz Hurley, and Alex James will be just round the corner. What, you didn't expect her to befriend common civilians and plebs did you?

The estate agents confirmed to The Daily Mail, 'Yes, she is the buyer of Old Overtown House - that's absolutely correct. It's all gone through and she is now the proud new owner. There have been rumours for a while that she is buying it but we have not been able to say anything till now. She no longer wants it kept secret, it is a done deal.'

Indeed. Lily is sooo Over old London-Town...

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