A Terry Naughty Boy

Picture the scene: with the World Cup fast approaching, expectations are high that England could finally bring home the Jules Rimet. How best then, as Captain, to unite the team? Ah, yes, that age old bonding technique: kick off an affair with your team mate's recent ex girlfriend, and get her pregnant. Then fork out for a top secret abortion. Nice.

Yes, John Terry is in the dog house, after failing in his attempt to stop the News of the World reporting his affair with French model Vanessa Perroncel, former girlfriend of England defender Wayne Bridge.

Unsuprisingly, Terry's long suffering wife Toni has had enough. She's jetted off to Dubai with the couple's twin daughters and is said to be hiring top divorce laywers to clean John out to the tune of £10 million. Friends told the Sunday Mirror that Toni is planning to ditch the philandering footballer, saying, 'he's humiliated me for 10 years. But no more. This time I'm going to divorce him.' A friend told the paper: 'She's sobbing and raging. I have never seen Toni like this. She's in pieces.'

On the pitch, Terry has had a tough time too, with fans chanting ‘Chelsea wherever you may be, don’t leave your wife with John Terry.’ Indeed.

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