A Swift Exit...

The Liverpool Echo has been forced to make a grovelling apology after mistakenly claiming that country warbler Taylor Swift was playing a gig at a Catholic Junior School in Knowsley on the 1st Feb. Actually, she was a bit busy preparing for the Grammy awards that night, and the singer booked by the school was Taylor Bright. Who?

She's a UK singer clawing her way up the slippery rungs of popstardom. According to Sky News online, and unsurprisingly, the lesser known Taylor is actually quite happy about the confusion, even though the gig had to be cancelled due to security fears.

'I think it's really funny actually, to be confused with a Grammy award winner. It's just amazing. I think she is amazing. I am just trying to launch my career here in the UK, so this is a good start to it. It has got me a lot of press. Unfortunately, though I can't go to Liverpool.'

What a diplomat...

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