A Stella win

This year's Apprentice in our humble view hasn't been a vintage offering, apart from the car crash that was Stuart 'licensing' Baggs there were no hilarious contestants. What, you think we watched for an edifying view of Britain's future entrepreneurs? Anyway, Stella clinched victory, with her sensible mix of humility and steeliness.

According to The Daily Mail, Stella said, 'To think that little Stella could be the winner of The Apprentice is unbelievable. I'm so excited about the future - it's all been worth it, all that blood, sweat and tears has been worth it.'

Alan explained his decision thusly,‘What I’ve seen over the past weeks Stella is that clearly you are a great organiser of people. You do know how to handle a team. Well liked and determined to get on with whatever you’re asked to do, I’ve also taken note of where you have come from; the fact that at an early age you never had any qualifications and then went out of your way to train yourself.'

Watch Alan point his finger in an aggressive manner below:

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