A sad day for pop

Lily Allen has announced that she won’t be writing, recording or performing any of her deliciously seductive pop music for a while once she’s finished her current round of gigs, and is instead going to concentrate on stage acting after being selected for a starring role in a West End play.

‘I'm not going to record and tour again for quite a while,’ she said backstage at Bestival on Saturday. ‘I finish up my gig dates in March and I'll be ready to do something else.

‘I've been on the road for four years and I've given my voice a real run for its money. I'm struggling, so I'm going to try something new.’

That something new is a play called Reasons To Be Pretty, penned by Neil LaBute, who is a well-respected director and writer responsible for The Shape of Things and Fat Pig. The play will follow on from those two.

‘The play is about themes close to my heart, things I touch on in my track The Fear, about the really damaging cult of beauty among young girls,’ explained Allen. ‘They want me to play the lead, which is amazing and terrifying.

‘There's a lady from RADA coming round to my house to train me up a bit.’

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