A Rolling Stone (Ronnie) gathers (Kate) Moss

When Ronnie Wood and his daughter Leah fell out recently, who would be the logical person to ask for relationship advice? Yes, that’s right, wheel in overpriced clothes horse Kate Moss stage left.

The Rolling Stoner's family dispute kicked off when Ronnie decided to jack it all in for Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova. Leah and her father haven’t spoken since. According to The Daily Star pregnant Leah has asked relationship guru Moss to talk to Wood so they can come to an agreement about him visiting his future grandchild. An insider said:

"Kate and Ronnie used to be great friends, but when he ran off with Ekaterina, Kate stood firmly by his wife Jo and the family. Kate was the obvious choice, of course, she's a great friend and very loyal and discreet."

Shame the same couldn’t be said for that insider.

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