A right Royal Moss

Noone could accuse Kate Moss of not making the most of her assets. She's bedded some of the hottest men on the planet. Alright, only Johnny Depp - but a catch of that calibre is a fine enough crumb to dine out on for years to come. Hats off to Kate....

Now it's come to light that La Moss played hide the sausage with the Prince of Italy. According to Prince Emanuele Filiberto he and the supermodel dated for 6 months after Marianne Faithful invited Kate to stay at the Prince's Corsican mansion. Things took a turn for the romantic after the Stallion Prince penned a song for Kate called 'The Pleasure Song.' The Prince said: ‘About eight years ago, I had a relationship [with Kate Moss] and it lasted six months.Then our relationship ended because that's how things go but I remember her as a very passionate lady. She is a beautiful woman, very charming and not at all bizarre.' (Er, why would she would be bizarre?)

Unfortunately, Filippo might have his dates mixed up. He claims he was Kate's arm candy in 2002 but the Daily Mail have pointed out that in 2002 La Moss gave birth to her daughter Lila, who she had with Jefferson Hack. They were together for 3 years. Yikes. Either someone was playing away - royally - or the Prince is telling porkies to garner himself some British tabloid time. Which doesn't really make sense. Surely his appearances on Dancing With The Stars in Italy have given him enough positive spin for a lifetime? (The dancing Prince won last year's comp.)

Anyway, it's most likely a lot of guff: in classic Kate style she's refused to utter a peep on the subject. Not that 'supermodel dates Prince' would be much of a headline anyway, - isn't that what the rich and famous do?

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