A right b*ll*cking

Legend of Rock ‘N’ Roll and all round decent chap Roger Daltry has blasted Simon Cowell and The X Factor, saying that the record impresario wouldn’t know what The X Factor was if it attacked his testicular region. Harsh but fair, in all honesty.

The Who frontman said that the TV talent show phenomenon was playing its part in ruining the music business, claiming that some of the most important bands in the history of British popular music wouldn’t have made it past the auditions.

‘We really need to break away from The X Factor and American Idol - that Simon Cowell thing,’ said Daltry. ‘I really think the music industry will beat this slump and come back stronger.

‘Groups like The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles wouldn't have made it past the audition stage, let alone be shown on TV. That's the joke of it.

‘The music they make on the shows is absolute tripe. He's made a good industry out of it, but it's belittled the power of music. He wouldn't know what the ‘X Factor’ was if it bit him on the b******s.’

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