A real Shane

Our mounting doubts about the long term future of the Warne/Hurley union have rocketed, with the news that Shane apparently 'cheated' on Liz (this is second degree cheating, as they were both married at the time) by sending texts of an explicit nature to another lady.

According to Daily Mail, Shane took to twitter to defend himself against recent allegations saying philosophically, 'The journey of life is about riding the ups/downs. We all are childish, immature at times. It's about how you bounce back when things are tough. In life, everyone is happy to judge your actions then comment, sure everyone's entitled to their opinion. But their opinion is not always right.'

Warne stands accused of sending saucy texts to an Australian lady, in one saying, 'Thinking of you and yes very horny today!! Big kiss xx' In Shane's defence, we imagine that 'horny' is his default setting.

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