A Punch in the Bowls

Thanks to a little bit of awareness building from Madonna it's now become the most famous boozer in London, often frequented by the hip, the cool and liggers looking for an A-List celeb spot; but The Punch Bowl isn’t everyone’s favourite tipple.

Owned by former Mr Madge, film director Guy Ritchie, the Mayfair pub has had a stream of complaints from neighbours about late drinking causing rowdy scenes outside as well as traffic, noise, and urinating in the street. The government has been forced to step in - even if it sounds like a great night out.

‘We are absolutely not against pubs,’ said counsellor Glenys Roberts, ‘we are not even against The Punch Bowl except that it has changed dramatically in its nature.’

Lawyer Leo Charalambides added: ‘from a 'ye olde local' English pub into something that's really internationally recognised on the A-list party circuit and by those who would like to get some of the glamour of going to such a venue’.

All publicity is good publicity, especially when there's a new film to promote.

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