A profound Situation

Aaah, Jersey Shore. It's the mother of all guilty pleasures. If like us, you've been glued to the carcrash show, which follows a group of Italian Americans on the rampage in some of America's tackiest holiday spots, then think of quotes from the guidos and guidettes as an early stocking filler.

Mike aka 'The Situation' has given his tuppence worth on the fame game, and whadaya know, it seems he's getting wise to the fickle old monster. He tells GQ Magazine: 'The scrutiny. And the microscope. Obviously it's a blessing — the women and the money and the fame, but at the same time it's — it's actually very lonely. Very lonely...When it comes to women, y'know, obviously, they're throwing themselves at you — but for what reasons, you know what I mean?' Indeed.

The Situation also sheds some light on his former life. (We kind of thought he'd been bred for the specific purpose of appearing on Jersey Shore.) Well, he used to be a mortgage broker. Then the crisis hit and he lost his job. After that, a brief stab at stripping, followed by a pop at underwear modelling and a casting for a VH1 show about kids hanging out in the Garden State.

What else did we learn from the GQ int? Well, Mike got his namesake 'The Situation' after a girl on the street pointed at his abs and gushed - to her boyfriend - 'oh my gaaawd honey, look at his abs.' Mike's mates labelled the scene 'a situation right there.' Well said. And what else? Oh, he's about to make his debut in 'nice' reality TV on Dancing With The Stars.

The Situation in a spangly leotard? No. We can't wait.

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