A Priceless night out

Poor Katie Price, we've been there. You rock up to a party in your finest gladrags, down a few voddies, then, feeling invincible, promptly make a beeline for the best looking party-goers - only to realise that you're attracting glances for all the wrong reasons. Namely that you're s*** faced. This was Katie's experience at Elton John's Oscar party, where she apparently attempted to kiss every man in the room, before taking home a Spanish model she'd met seconds before.

An eagled eyed source told The Sun, 'It was embarrassing. People didn't know where to look. She was so drunk she was slurring her words and trying desperately to pull any man who would listen to her for more than 30 seconds. And there weren't many. She was rejected by Calzaghe but managed to land a smacker on Matt Goss. She even tried unsuccessfully to kiss some women. In the end she went off with some guy she had just met. He obviously didn't know who she was. Everyone heard her asking him how big his willy was."

Displaying some classy moves there, Katie...

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