A Priceless Brit awards

So, the Brits came and went in a flurry of mild excitement; Rhihanna was raunchy, Cheryl looked nice but went home empty handed, and the awards were dominated by 'serious' musicians like Laura Marling, but the real story of the night, was the no-show by Katie Price. Pricey was due to make an appearance, in Cruella de Ville fashion, to humiliate Peter Andre as he attempted to interview slebs on the red carpet. It transpired though, that despite Katie staying at home, Pete managed to humiliate himself anyway, when an interview with Beiber went a little awry...

A Brit representative told The Daily Mail, that while they didn't force Katie to stay away, 'It was felt best to let her make her own decision with dignity rather than face being barred.' Katie subsequently decided to stay in her PJs and 'cheer them on in front of my TV'.

Pete's attempts to interview 'the talent' on the Brits red carpet ended in minor failure with a textbook example of how not to conduct an 'informal chat' with Justin Beiber. The crucial word here is 'carpet'. Watch and cringe below:

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