A Posh switch

The Posh Spice and Katie Price feud rumbles on, and we're tremendously excited about it. The pair came to blows years ago, when Katie was dating Dane Bowers, who dueted with Posh on a very misguided single. The argument culminated in Vicky singing 'Who let the dogs out' upon Katie's entrance to a celeb party. Ouch. And now, the Beckhams apparently switched flights from LA when they heard that Katie was in First Class.

According to The Mirror, poor Katie Price tweeted to her followers, 'Taking off people saying Victoria on flight this is not true tweet soonx' Little did she realise that the reason Posh wasn't on the flight was her own dear self.

When Vicky's 'people' were asked about the veracity of the claims, they responded, 'We don’t comment on the Beckham family travel details, however we had several flights on hold for yesterday and today for convenience and for security reasons.' Hmmm...

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