A nice celeb story for a change

It’s not very often that a celebrity news channel gets to write something genuinely nice about famous people. Most of the time it’s about their new film, or some relationship or other that isn’t that important, or someone’s drug habit, that sort of thing. It’s all very tawdry and no-one comes out the other side looking any better. However, today we have a actual, factual nice thing what a celeb has done, so step forward Brad Pitt and his Make It Right program, which helps New Orleans residents rebuild their and own homes on the plot from which Hurricane Katrina wiped them out.

According to The Sun, Pitt fell in love with New Orleans when he was filming Interview With The Vampire in 1994 and, after seeing the damage Katrina did to the poorest sections of the city, he decided to help rebuild homes in the Lower Ninth Ward, the poorest section of the city and which had 4,000 homes taken from it.

Pitt’s program promised to build 150 homes in that area, for people who had owned their homes outright but had no insurance, therefore not even getting £20,000 in compensation and not being able to re-buy or build. An average family home costs £100,000 and a duplex £132,000 and any buyer is expected to deposit only what they can afford, with either favourable mortgage rates or interest-free loans given in exchange for their commitment to stay there. Not only that, but each house is solar-powered and relies on geothermal heating and cooling systems, which is also pretty cool.

‘This is my house and it's beautiful,’ Said New Orleans resident Vanessa Rogers, who has made friends with Brangelina since she moved into her new house. ‘It’s a ‘Make It Right’ house from Brad Pitt. I evacuated in the storm like everyone around here, but then two years ago I was asked if I would be interested in talking to Brad about a scheme he had set up to get people back in their houses.

‘I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So I spoke to him and he was amazing - like a brother. He said, ‘Would you like to come back home?’ And I said, ‘Yes indeed.’ So he told me about his Make It Right program to help people rebuild and own homes on their old plot.

‘I was one of the first ten people to sign up and I got the keys to my new house just before Christmas. We're very lucky. All my family are coming back slowly. Hopefully, one day, we'll all be together here again.’ Altogether now; aaaawwwwww.

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