A New world order

Is a new order of celebrity sweeping the nation? Once upon a time our Claire - Brookside babe and all round entertainer, would have been greeted at any club in the land with a chilled bottle of plonk and some complimentary peanuts. These days she's damned if she can even get into Mahiki.

The Daily Mail, kind hearted commentators that they are, show her getting turned away from the celebrity meat market, and it's not pretty. (In fact it's reminding us of being 18 again.) To add insult to injury, a puny Jack Tweed strolled in moments later looking like he owned the joint.

We're on team Sweeney. Yes she dominates TV less than she used to, but she's still recognisable - isn't that the only prequisite of entry? We say take your business elsewhere Claire. Chinawhites?

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