A New Crime Fighter is (Os)bourne

She may be better known for being a judge on America’s Got Talent or an actress, or for simply being the daughter of a famous rock star, but Kelly Osbourne seems to have added another string to her bow: crime fighting!

Earlier this week the 26-year-old star tweeted about two potential crimes she managed to prevent, a car theft and a car tipping. After managing to scare off the thugs with a simple ‘Oy!’, Osbourne went on to tweet: ‘[This is] one of the poshest parts of London. [It’s] like f**king Crimewatch’.

But these feats pale into comparison with her latest accomplishment; the TV personality managed to get her mum’s stolen Tiffany wedding ring back after spotting it on an episode of (what must be her favourite programme) Crimewatch . According to digitalspy, the ring, which features a 10-carat diamond and is worth £200,000, was a gift from Ozzy to Sharon when they renewed their vows in 2002 and was stolen by masked burglars from their family home in 2004.

The ring was part of a £1 million worth stash of stolen designer jewellery recovered in Doncaster during August 2010 by South Yorkshire police. Good sleuthing, Kelly!

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