A Moss read

Kate Moss has lived a life that is equalled only by Keith Richards for sheer excess, and now the supermodel is set to reveal all in her autobiography. Apparently, Moss has been convinced to get to work by new husband Jamie Hince who is a keen wordsmith. Hopefully he'll help Kate with her spelling and grammar.

A source told The Sun, 'Kate has always held back from giving interviews so the public don't know what she's really like and what's she gone through in her life. She's never opened up about her parents' divorce, having daughter Lila or her relationships with former boyfriends including Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty. Her fans will be desperate to read it and she'll make an absolute fortune.'

We wonder how much debauchery Kate will be allowed to include in the 'tell all' account? Fingers crossed for the whole shebang...

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