A little less of a Glee-ful driver

Normally there's no stopping the indomitable Rachel in tv series 'Glee' from belting out ballad after ballad and putting the world to rights in a bid to learn more about the world behind the showbiz glam and gloss. After events at the weekend, however, we're sure Glee actress Lea Michele will be in rather less than high spirits.

Last Sunday, the actress was 'on her way to an interview session in Hollywood when she saw a car collide with a truck, causing the big vehicle to flip over multiple times.' Eventually, the wreck landed just a few feet away from her car, causing the stunned and concerned actress to wait for the emergency services to arrive at the scene, OK Magazine reveals.

Lea eventually made it to the Emmy Roundtable at the Chateau Marmont hotel for her interview but it wasn't long before she was using Twitter to warn fans and friends alike to buckle up in the car: 'Saw a very intense car accident today, everyone was alright, thanks to seat belts. Please remember to always wear them.'

She may have a big mouth as character Rachel but the actress does know when to say the right things.

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