A knock out blow

No sooner than 24 hours after being released from jail, Lindsay Lohan has been caught making a fool of herself, this time chasing after boxing has been Audley Harrison, and being turned down. Oh the shame.

Lohan was caught at the Chateau Marmont hotel downing cocktails after spending five hours in a cell on Friday night before being bailed for £45,000. She had been banged up when a judge ruled that her stealing a necklace worth £1,500 was in violation of her 2007 probation for drink-driving. She has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, which she plans to appeal against, and obviously decided that getting out on it was the only way to celebrate being rich enough to pay bail.

That’s when she took a liking to A-Farce, who has been stinking out the ring for the best part of a decade. If Lohan wanted him that badly then she probably have just punched him: there’s every chance he’d have hit the deck.

‘Lindsay was letting off steam after being granted bail,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘She rounded up her mates and hit her old stomping ground.

‘After a few cocktails she took a liking to Audley, following him into the men's toilets. She was yelling at him to come and join her for a house party afterwards. He just kept ignoring her.

‘Audley was laughing at her. It was an embarrassing snub. Her mates could see she was making a fool of herself so scooped her up and took her home.’

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