A Klass act

It’s impossible to turn on the goggle box, power up the laptop, wait at a bus stop, go shopping, or flick through a magazine these days without seeing the satisfied mug of Hear’Say reject Myleene Klass. Whether it be adverts for Marks & Spencers, BBC1’s The National Lottery or Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger - Klass is there, here and everywhere.

The most overexposed face of the noughties, however, has told The Daily Mail, that she ‘turns down 90% of job offers':

‘Of course I worry there's a burnout point. But after Hear'Say flopped I always said if I had the opportunity again, I would grab it with both hands. There is no way, no way, that if it all went tomorrow I would turn around and say I regret it.’

'I've grabbed it all. But I have also turned down plenty. I probably do not end up doing 90% of the things I am offered. I just want to keep on working and I think that my versatility and my diversity is both what has saved me but is also my worst enemy, because I guess that is what makes me ubiquitous.'

She added: 'I don't need anyone to talk me down. I can do that myself and I am my own worst critic. I know what people think, although I try not to look at stories about myself on the internet anymore.’

Of course, we're not jealous, in the slightest.

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