'A kiss? That'll be 150 quid'

Just when you thought it wasn't possible to think less of Blake Fielder-Civil, a story comes along that takes the breath out of you, and makes you realise, 'Whoah, he really was a bad'un.' According to reports from a source close to Amy Winehouse and her ex-husband, Blake used to exploit Amy's obsession with, er, her own husband, and charge her for a kiss. Fielder-Civil would apparently then scurry away, and use the money to buy drugs. Well, of course.

A source told The Sun, 'He'd charge her £150 just to kiss him and get near him. They'd be sitting, having a couple of drinks and she'd be trying to snuggle up to him. She'd say, 'Give me a kiss, sailor. He'd go, 'F*** off, Give me some money then' — and she'd go, 'Blake, Blake'. He liked her but he didn't love her. She'd pay for him to get cabs to wherever she was. She'd pay £150 for a cab. This was the pattern throughout their relationship.'

The gossipy pal continued, 'He gets stick in jail because he is Amy's ex. He is in a dark place, feeling sorry for himself. He talked about how much he did for her, buying a dozen bouquets on their first anniversary — one for each month they'd been married. He is trying to justify his behaviour. He's trying to persuade himself he was a good husband.'

Here's a tip for you Blake; you might need to do a little better than that if you really want to persuade yourself...

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