A Jolie salacious read

A tacky and salacious biography of Angie penned by the king of hachet memoirs, Andrew Morton, is to be released in the States, and will hit our shores shortly. Details from the book have been leaked, and judging from the highlights, there won't be a happy atmosphere chez Brangelina. Morton claims that Angelina's unusual upbringing essentially created a man eating temptress. Great for the tabloids, not so great for the subject of the book.

According to The Daily Mail, 'At the age of 14 Jolie was dating a boy named only as Anton and, at her mother's request, he moved in with the family so she could monitor them. Bertrand gave up the master bedroom with its huge Chinese wedding bed and moved into a smaller bedroom, enabling the teenage couple to share a room.'

'She became a heavy heroin and cocaine user - and in a series of disturbing pictures, taken at the nadir of her drug use and included in the book, she poses almost naked, wearing a dog collar and looking pale and gaunt. She developed a reputation as a party animal and had a string of affairs with men and women, including a notorious fling with Ethan Hawke while he was dating Uma Thurman.'

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