A Jedward joke too far!

X-Factor comedy double act John & Edward may seem like a bit of entertaining telly fluff to most normal people, but it appears the joke may have finally gone too far.

In a, ‘Who is the greatest boy band of all time?’ internet poll, the Irish duo came top, yes TOP with 45%. They beat the mighty Beatles into second place with 33%. Has this country gone mental? Also on the list were Take That (err, technically a ‘man band’ we think) with 14%, Westlife with 5% and JLS with 3%.

"We're genuinely gobsmacked’ said the spokesperson from Paddy Power who conducted the survey ‘We would have presumed that the Fab Four would have easily topped this poll. But once again Jedward have exceeded expectations and caused another upset.'

The saving grace is that only 1300 people were asked the question: they may have all been deaf.

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