A heartwarming photo-op

Every once in a while a cockle-warming celeb story comes along that makes even the hardest hack reach for a Kleenex. Well, it's not strictly a story, but Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had a day out on the beach and it made for the most charming photo-op we've seen in yonks. Take a look.

Not only do the pair smile cheerily for the paps (as we would, being important enough to have our photo taken) they also lol around the sand in a normal fashion. There's no bouncing in the sea or snogging each other's faces off. The action takes place under an umbrella, and both are wearing sensible swim gear.

This, says the Daily Mail is very much in-keeping with their low-key love. Javier devoted his Cannes film fest Best Actor gong to Penny, saying: 'I share this joy with my friend, my companion, my love: Penelope: I owe you a lot and I love you so much.'

Awww. Short, poetic, to the point. Gushy celebs, look and learn.

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