A good year for the British

It looks like it’s going to be a great year for the British film industry. Probably because no one in America is writing any at the minute. Already Atonement has won best film at the Golden Globes and has clocked up a huge 14 nominations at next month’s Baftas, including best film. Stars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are also up for the best actor and actress gongs. 

But the wins aren’t going to be the only big thing on this side of the Atlantic. The Baftas this year are also set to be the highlight of the awards season. The British awards may be the only ones with a proper ceremony due to the writers’ strike in the US, which pretty much wiped the Golden Globes off the radar and may do the same for the Oscars. So it’s left to the Baftas to deliver the Tinseltown glamour, despite being thousands of miles from the Hollywood hills.

Yep, it’s all going down in London town – let’s show the Americans what we’re made of. Although with our award ceremony track record and the doom and gloom about the economic downturn heading our way, don’t hold your breath. It might end up being in a church hall – but with free tea and biscuits of course! One lump or two?

(Image: from YouTube)

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