A flattering Peaches Geldof opinion piece

We've read some mean stuff at the hands of Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir - the one where she laid into Stephen Gately moments before he was laid to rest was particularly well in tune with the public mood - but this is very funny indeed. In a classic 'bitchiness dressed up as concern' moment, the DM matron says Peaches Geldof looks great letting it all hang out in 'those pants', (the type we all wear after a large curry when love handles loom large). Peaches sported the tummy huggers at a water park, in full view of the paps and it has led people to speculate that her Ultimo pictures (back when she was a model) were a tad touched up.

Anyway, the well meaning Mz Moir pitches a water-tight defence for Peaches, saying: 'Those scary pants, like bats and dry martinis, are the kind of thing that should never be seen out of doors in daylight hours......It's a wonder children didn't run screaming at the sight of her. For those tattoos are truly hideous: the kind of cheap and horrid body graffiti that only a teen could love. Yet consider this. In these pictures, she also looks full of life. In the badlands of Hollywood, she is actually just having some honest- to-goodness fun with her new friends. For once, she is doing something wholesome and healthy, out in the sunshine and the fresh air'.

We love the juxtapositioning of bats and screaming kids with honest fun. Oh to have media friends like that, eh Peaches?

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