A Dream Denied: Chiles and Bleakley will not reunite

For light-entertainment obsessives, it's like the end of Morecambe & Wise, Lennon & McCartney, or Sonny & Cher. BBC1's favourite couple, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, will not reunite.

After leaving the BBC in a huff earlier this year because Chris Evans (the old ginger one, not the fit one from Fantastic Four) was to replace him on The One Show on Fridays, Chiles had publicly urged Bleakley to come and join him as his partner on the GMTV sofa. Even Eamonn Holmes, reports the Mirror, had given his blessing to the union.

But it isn't to be. Heartbreaker Bleakley has shattered the dreams of millions of saddos by declaring she's staying put at the BBC and is enjoying working with her new co-host, someone called Jason Manford. Apparently, he's a comedian?

'The first time I met him, we were interviewing him on the show and he was dressed as the Tin Man – you can’t not like that, can you?' says Christine. Hmmmm. Between the Tin Man and Adrian Chiles, we'd find it pretty hard to get excited about either option...

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