A Dogg’s not just for Christmas: Snoop’s shed on ebay

Struggling to get your dad a present for Christmas? Well look no further, he could be the proud recipient of a shed. And it's no ordinary garden shed, it's the shed owned by none other than Snoop Dogg. Brap! Brap! Brap!

Aside from being an iconic piece of memorabilia, the aptly named Dogg House is where Snoop penned many a hip-hopper hit, including ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’

"I've had this shed since the turn of the century. I've watched football tapes, seen the Lakers win championships, and, most of all, written hits in it", barked the Dogfather.

The Current bid on ebay stands at $3,450.00 with all proceeds going to SnoopyYouthFootballLeague which promotes sport for kids. Good news is “delivery and transport provided by the Seller.” Bad news? "The buyer is responsible for all transportation charges.”

Fancy getting your paws on it? Bid here...

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