A diplomatic incident

The United States came close to declaring war on Europe after Obama was forced to sit through a performance by hair-raising twins John and Edward. Barack and the First Lady then had to suffer the indignity of having to speak to the pair, apparently praising their coiffures.

Jedward told The Daily Mail It's an honour to perform for the most famous man in the world, after Simon Cowell that is.’

The brothers Grimes then took to twitter to give their fans the benefit of their wisdom, gushing, ‘We Performed for President Barrack Obama he said thank you to us it was a lot of fun...It was so cool that @BarackObama liked our Hair! Our hair has been approved by the Biggest person ever. He wanted to know what Jedward meant! We said I'm John and I'm Edward together we are Jedward!...We told Michelle Obama we saw her on loads of magazines like O Magazine and she looked really cool! And she said ahh thanks...We were talking to @BarackObama about the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.’

Phew. Watch below:

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