A deer in the headlights

Never a day goes by without X Factor making it into the news. Only moments ago (ok, a full 24 hours) Simon admitted to setting his sights on conquering the West End with the hit show, and now he's talking to Piers Morgan about the white elephant in the room - you know, Cheryl and US X Factor....

The media moguls knocked heads on Piers' CNN talkshow and Simon didn't pull any punches when it came to explaining Cheryl's abrupt departure from the US version of the show.

'I was talking to someone about this at the screening the other night and they put it very well - she looked a bit bewildered.' Acknowledging Piers' silky smooth transition from Brit tabloid editor to king of Chatmandu, Simon continued: 'Not everyone's like you Piers. You come to a country like America, it's a big deal, takes a while to adjust. And I took the view, along with a few other people, that she would have been more comfortable back in the UK.'

So far so patronising. When asked if he felt bad about Cheryl's fall from grace, Mr Smarmy gave a polished reply: 'Because it was public, of course. I think if she'd taken the UK gig, nobody would be feeling bad right now, because they're both big shows and hopefully this one will be as big as the UK show. 'But that's what you have to do when you produce, you have to make decisions in the moment and I take full responsibility for it.'

Nicole Scherzinger also chatted to Piers telling how getting Chezza's job when the Geordie had been axed was a bitter pill to swallow. But not that bitter that she didn't cry with happiness when Simon told her the good news. 'Obviously I think she's a gorgeous girl who is very charming', she said, 'but for me it was an honour, I'm not going to lie, I cried when Simon told me because I felt like no matter where he had me on the show, I was going to be of service and do the best I could.' Nice.

The full interview aired over the pond last night and should have popped up on YouTube right about now. Check it out.

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